How I Transformed My Life With My Subconscious

What’s your next transformation going to be?

To me, enjoying life means balancing constantly improving with total acceptance for where I am now—and loving it all.

And my journey to being a sound empowerment and freedom from self-sabotage coach has brought my own transformations. Each of these positive changes is directly related to a powerful part of the mind we often don’t give any thought to—pardon the pun; the subconscious mind.

Responsible for over 95% of our life, in the way it guides our decisions without us having to ‘think’ about it, the subconscious mind is controlled by our environment. Everything we see, hear and observe with all our senses goes in and comes out as imitation. We are driven to fit in with whatever we perceive the majority ‘out there’ is doing, and will mimic the most common behaviour we observe.

Even if that behaviour is fictionalised, on movies, TV shows and other media.

Even if that behaviour is disempowering to our health: physical, mental and spiritual.

That’s why it is so important to be selective with what we watch and what environments we put ourselves in; because the subconscious is ALWAYS watching, always taking EVERYTHING in and…driving us to copy whatever it sees.

But the good news is we can learn to master, or at least consciously harness, the power of our subconscious mind.

Like I did.

As I learnt about the subconscious mind and became more and more aware of the true power of the subconscious mind I started making better decisions about what I exposed it to.

I think a lot of those decisions were also inspired by an inner knowing I deserved better: better friends, better lovers, better jobs, better health, better everything.

And the more acceptance I had for the dysfunction that was so much of my life in my 20s and 30s and even 40s (I’m 54 as of writing this), the more I could make loving, supportive choices for myself; which meant better choices for my family too.

And if you’re reading this and can relate, and are maybe wondering if it’s too late for you to change or if there’s too much you need to change in your life: it’s not and it’s not. I’m still growing, every day; finding parts of my mind that still need more loving but I have transformed so much subconscious dysfunction in my life already including:

– From growing up in a strict fundamental christian church, having so much shame and guilt about sex—and promiscuity—to learning to value a deeper, spiritual connection with one person: the mother of my 3 daughters and partner for almost 20 years.

– From taking drugs to try and fit in with my music and showbiz friends—to being drug free for decades—I even take cayenne pepper now instead of Panadol for headaches!

– From doing jobs I didn’t like, working for others (so many others!), to having founded multiple businesses and doing what I love every day.

– From daily boozing, drinking a bottle of wine and 2 or 3 beers every night to going months or a year at a time without a drop—and not missing it.

– From being plagued by fearful and negative thinking to constant thoughts of gratitude and positive expectation.

– From consuming so many self-help books by Louise Hay, Stuart Wilde, Tony Robbins and more to WRITING one: How To Live The Law of Attraction.

Over the years of studying the subconscious mind and what works best for me in transforming it I have evolved a program or style of coaching I call ‘Sound Empowerment’.

It started with silence. Getting used to being still for a few minutes at a time through meditation, then yoga which helped me be still for longer and longer.

As my yoga practice deepened so too did my affirmation practice; repeatedly writing and reading positive affirmations (thanks Louise and Stuart).

Then I started recording my affirmations and listening to them before I went to sleep; this is when positive changes really started showing up in my life, as I manifested a new life in London making music every day and recording in some of the top studios in the world.

Back in my home of Australia the final part of my Sound Empowerment fell into place when I discovered alternate tuning of 432Hz which then led me to explore the Solfeggio Frequencies and binaural beats, all of which I include in the custom coaching audios I create for my coaching clients.

Looking back it has been a fantastic journey of healing and discovery.

Now my question is: what transformation next?

Maybe to go from having lots of faith everything is going to work out to having TOTAL faith.

How about you? What would you like to change?

If you’re ready to master your subconscious mind to call in your dream life today email me ben (at)

Or check out my course for subconscious transformation here—Empower Your Ultimate Path.