Access 97% more power of your mind!

With your P.A.T.H. Completely reboot and POSITIVELY reprogram your mind to create AND experience your dream life now.

A custom coaching recording for you!

Your P.A.T.H. is a custom coaching recording for you to listen to daily for a minimum of 21 days* to reprogram you subconscious mind for empowerment.

*Many clients find amazing benefits from listening for longer, some making it a new part of their daily well being practice.

"I’m absolutely thrilled with my recording!"

Your Personalised coaching script...

The script for your P.A.T.H. is created based on your answers to an online questionnaire which comes either as part of the Empower Your Ultimate Path course or as part of the private Custom Coaching service. You can think of it as SUPERCHARGED 'positive reinforcement'!

"Your life will change overnight"

Your P.A.T.H. starts here


Choose from...

1) JOINING the COURSE and creating your own P.A.T.H.

2) ALLOWING me to create your P.A.T.H. or

3) CHOOSING one-on-one private coaching


Create your own P.A.T.H.

What is the #1 RESULT you will get from this course?

Permanently TRANSFORM personal self-sabotage thoughts, speech and actions into EMPOWERED thoughts, speech and actions.

You will learn how to write and record your own ultimate P.A.T.H. script: a powerful self-coaching audio, for you to play at anytime to re-program your subconscious mind and call in your DREAM life.

This is an easy, step by step course to burn up the path behind you and light up the path in front of you.

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2. Custom Coaching Recording -

Your P.A.T.H. created for you

Combining scientifically proven methodology with decades of personal experimentation I created P.A.T.H. custom coaching recordings for personal transformation.

Empower your subconscious mind, responsible for 93-97% of our lives, with your own personalised affirmations theta hypnosis—P.A.T.H.

A custom coaching script, based on your answers to the unique online coaching questionnaire, is recorded with binaural beats, theta waves and scientifically proven frequencies to re-program your subconscious mind to call in your DREAM LIFE today!

Includes a one-on-one video coaching consultation before I record your custom coaching audio.

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3. One-on-one PRIVATE coaching - Includes your P.A.T.H.

A private coaching package which includes 4-6 weeks of one-on-one video consults, your own P.A.T.H. custom coaching recording, plus more tools and strategies for you to take away with you as you continue on your ultimate path.

This coaching is perfect for going deeper into empowering your subconscious programming and habitual patterns of behaviour.

We focus on identifying self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, their source, and, mostly, on the steps to stop allowing your old programs to deny you of your best life now.

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Best LISTENED TO with headphones—so you get the full 'binaural beat' stereo experience!


"This has been the best thing I've done in years."

You're here for a reason.

And you know that for sure.

It doesn't matter how many times you fall down or forget or forgo doing what really makes you happy.

You get up, remember and reconnect with what you love.

You know you're here to do what really makes you excited.

To bring out what is within.

To let it shine.

To let it go.

To do and be what you love.

It's time to turn off the noise and listen to your dream.

"Things that used to overwhelm me

no longer disempower me. ”

What is Sound Empowerment?

Simple and profound.

Listening to healing frequencies can alleviate physical pain.

Listening to healing frequencies can enhance feelings of well-being and happiness.

Listening to healing frequencies can take your meditation, affirmation, yoga, breath-work or any well-being practice to NEW and DEEPER levels of empowerment.

If you've never experienced The Ten Healing Frequencies before this Sound Empowerment pack is the perfect place to start. Includes lots of sound goodies to empower your best life today!

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"If I had to name a breakthrough it would be that I stopped everything and took care of myself.”

"I’m believing in myself more and more. It’s possible now, where as it seemed to be a distant dream before. Thank you so much.”

Ben Grant Mitchell Empowerment

Subconscious re-programming

Whether you are here for your own P.A.T.H. custom coaching recording or you'd like to take my NEW course (Empower Your Ultimate Path), or you are wanting one-on-one coaching, everything I offer, including the affirmation + frequency work, is focussed on harnessing the power of your subconscious mind which is responsible for 93-97% of our lives.

P.A.T.H. = Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis!

You can choose to create your own P.A.T.H. (by doing the Empower Your Ultimate Path COURSE—see below) or if you prefer you can let me create your custom coaching recording. Either way the benefits of subconscious programming with a personalised affirmations theta hypnosis (P.A.T.H.) are 100% supported by science.

Affirmations + Frequencies = Raised Vibration

Because the subconscious mind learns through REPETITION, personalised affirmations, combined with special frequencies which energise and enliven our energy centres, are my speciality for creating unique transformational coaching experiences for my clients.

Hi! I'm Ben...

...and I'm here to help you get where you're going by amplifying the empowered thoughts, words and actions you already think, say and do.

You've got the vision and the power within; I'm simply here to focus the light on how amazing you already are—and how bright your future is.

I'm a mindset coach, musician, yoga practitioner and father. In 2020 I qualified as a Freedom From Self Sabotage coach, with a focus on empowering the subconscious mind.

Everything I've learned and all my skills have given me a unique formula for empowering transformations. My heart goes into producing each personal coaching recording and it is my honour to serve in this way.

Any questions please reach out to me anytime at ben (at)

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