NURSE says ‘NO!’ To Blackmail

Nurse says ‘NO!’ to Blackmail!

Be inspired by Corrie Bignell.

She is a Canadian nurse who said ‘no’ to blackmail and ‘yes’ to Nicaragua.

In this video meet Corrie Bignell and be inspired by a single mother’s heroic journey from dedicated (workaholic!) nurse in the Canadian medical establishment to a freedom loving self-empowerment coach living in Nicaragua.

In this video Corrie shares…

– How she was willing to give up her high paying job AND her family home to follow her intuition

– What it feels like to get rid of energy vampires—those people that no longer serve you anymore

– Where you can get her eBook, ‘Six Steps To Unf*ck Your Life’!

– How to become unstoppable

– How she found the most rewarding work of her life

– How to raise your vibration by following your intuition

– The benefits she enjoys everyday from listening to healing frequency guided meditations

– How you can live, train and EAT with Corrie, while you step into your unstoppable self!

PS. Watch ’til the end to find out where heaven on earth is!

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“Thank you SO MUCH Ben! I listened to the recording you made for me and I LOVE it!!! I only listened on my computer but I will see about downloading it to my Apple iPod for listening before sleep. I’m cleaning my place today and will listen to your recording a few more times while I clean. I figure the more I listen the better!

Thanks again so much for creating this lovely recording for me. Jason Christoff is right! You have an awesome voice and I too really enjoy your Aussie accent!

Have a great day! “

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