Your NEXT success starts here!

Where is your next success coming from?

I bet you already know the answer.


And since success is very much synonymous with confidence, a good and helpful question to ask yourself today might be...

“What am I doing to boost my confidence?”

To call in that success.

When you have massive self-belief and are sure of yourself and your vision it’s inevitable you WILL bring your vision to life.

So doing anything you can to boost your confidence is going to help you succeed, right?

Of course it is.

But what are you doing?

Success is physical...mental AND emotional

Boosting confidence, and achieving the success it brings, is more than doing one thing.

Taking care of yourself physically not only keeps you looking your best but it gives you the energy you need to show up as your best self every day.

Valuing your ideas by keeping a journal, or simply recording new revelations onto your phone, creates a growing current of confidence that you have an infinite supply of creativity.

Having a meditation or mindfulness practice keeps your thinking clear and on point; grounding your aspirations in a deeper purpose, of serving others perhaps.

And simply imbuing all you do with love can bring another level to your confidence, knowing you serve a higher purpose.

That’s why a healing frequency practice, and the many benefits it brings, can be such a powerful part of your well-being routine.

Frequencies for confidence and success

When you listen through the lower range of 174Hz, 285Hz and 396Hz you engage your root chakra and boost the physical healing associated with these frequencies (perhaps this is why my recent 174Hz video on Instagram has been so popular).

As more and more scientific studies are proving, frequencies like 432Hz have a calming and restorative effect and can enhance cognition, reduce stress and anxiety and facilitate a cascade of benefits that come from being chilled out!

Then frequencies like 528Hz*, associated with clearing blockages and energising the solar plexus, are often reported to give a boost to confidence, simply by listening.

When combined with affirmations and visualisations, the confidence boosting effect is even stronger—as my clients will tell you.

And the higher end of The Ten Healing Frequencies—639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz and 963Hz—help us feel empowered to be more loving, fully self-expressed, and to follow our intuition more often, especially as it leads us on a path of reclaiming the knowledge that we each are infinite beings expressing divine consciousness, simply by living our lives.

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*1.7 people and counting have watched my 528Hz video on TikTok (see below)—that's some confidence boost right there!

Boost your confidence effortlessly

If you ever find your confidence flagging, if those disempowered thoughts are coming up from your subconscious mind to often, too regularly, remember this: you can change your subconscious program to an empowered one.

All the programs I offer at Grant Empowerment Coaching have the same benefit, especially if my suggestions for regular listening are adhered to: they swap disempowering subconscious beliefs for EMPOWERING ones.

Then you naturally create more of what you want and less of what you don't, and your whole life can be transformed—by you.

And the premium program I offer ATM is Your P.A.T.H., a personalised affirmation theta hypnosis, 24 minutes long, based on your own best thoughts and aspirations. This is something you will have for life, and can listen to whenever you feel like supercharging your most empowered life.

@grantempowerment Video 6 in series of 10. ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 528Hz is the SIXTH of the Ten Healing Frequencies. Known for activating and energising the Solar Plexus Chakra and feelings of CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT. 528Hz is especially effective when listened to while practicing healing meditations/affirmations/visualisations. Get more tips on how to benefit from 528Hz when you download all Ten Healing Frequencies here: 👍 528Hz features in ’The Ten Healing Frequencies Course’ too. #528Hz #healingfrequency #thetenhealingfrequencies #solarplexus #meditation #solfeggiofrequencies ♬ original sound - Ben | Mindset Coach