10 Minute Breath Work With Theta Waves

Enjoy 10 minutes of breath work with this special 5-5-5-5 guided version of box breathing.

The verbal prompts allow you to close your eyes and and still keep your place precisely, during the ten minutes of one minute for each of The Ten Healing Frequencies.

Box breathing is excellent for instantly calming you. Yoga practitioners call it pranayama, a part of yoga many believe is the purpose of the physical poses: to prepare the body for deep breathing and meditation; to energise the body, mind and spirit with the life force energy, and dissolve back into Source.

Box breathing is also used by navy seals in tense combat situations to regulate their nervous system.

Practicing this version today, which is accompanied by The Ten Healing Frequencies goes deep into your energy system, helping you regulate not just your mind but also your body's energy centres; your chakras.

To practice now simply listen along and follow the verbal and visual prompts:

1. Breathe IN for 5 seconds

2. Hold for 5 seconds

3. Breathe OUT for 5 seconds

5. Hold for 5 seconds

It's that easy!


Get calm and LOVE life more with your P.A.T.H.

Your P.A.T.H. is a personalised affirmations theta hypnosis, which is a fancy way of saying your own custom coaching audio program.

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"Thank you SO MUCH Ben! I listened to the recording you made for me and I LOVE it!!! I only listened on my computer but I will see about downloading it to my Apple iPod for listening before sleep. I'm cleaning my place today and will listen to your recording a few more times while I clean. I figure the more I listen the better!

Thanks again so much for creating this lovely recording for me. Jason Christoff is right! You have an awesome voice and I too really enjoy your Aussie accent!

Have a great day! "

(Client name confidential)