Sound Empowerment - Webinar

Join Ben Grant Mitchell's 'Sound Empowerment' group live coaching, a special webinar on the power of The Ten Healing Frequencies.

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Presented by Ben Grant Mitchell, the creator of Sound Empowerment, a new coaching modality combining healing frequencies with affirmations and visualisations to empower positive transformation at a deep, subconscious level.

Join this webinar to learn more about The Ten Healing Frequencies, the ancient tones experiencing a resurgence of interest and popularity across the planet.

You are invited to this private Zoom webinar on:

Wednesday 28th February

at 7am in Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA

and 9am in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

which is...

Tuesday 27th February in Los Angeles, USA at 12pm

Tuesday 27th February in Texas, USA at 2pm

Tuesday 27th February in New York, USA at 3pm

Tuesday 27th February in in Toronto, CANADA at 3pm

Tuesday 27th February in Berlin, GERMANY at 9pm

These frequencies and this webinar are perfect for high achievers looking for an extra edge in their well-being practice, health practitioners, yoga and meditation teachers—and anyone looking to level up their life by simply listening…

…to sounds with proven benefits including:

Healing pain.

Improving sleep.

Increasing overall good feelings.

Boosting healthy hormones.

Reducing anxiety

Increasing calm

Lowering the toxic effects of alcohol

And relieving mental, emotional and physical suffering

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