Manifesting your!

Experience your best life—health, wealth, love and more—by transforming your subconscious beliefs with regular listening to NEW B.A.M.s — binaural affirmation meditations.
Delivered online and listenable through the membership portal PLUS yours to download and keep forever.
As soon as you JOIN Empowered Now you get over 18 BAMs as high quality mp3s ($1000+ value to download and keep forever) PLUS access to LIVE GUIDED BAMs each week, to start bringing your dreams to

Do you want...

...more love?

As you listen you will grow feelings of worthiness and self acceptance and experience more love by feeling the love. Are you ready for your soul mate? Join today.

Could you have...

...more health?

Being empowered now isn't just about feeling vibrant and energised, members have effortlessly lost weight too from listening to these guided meditations.

Would you like...

...more wealth?

When the subconscious expects the best YOU get the best. And that includes money and abundance in all things. Listening to these meditations will help you break through to new levels of wealth.

How is a B.A.M. different to other guided meditations?

A B.A.M. is a 'Binaural Affirmations Meditation', guided meditation with visualisations, affirmations and prompts to bring your mind into the most creative state possible. Special frequencies entrain the brain to specific brain wave states, to enhance your natural ability to adopt new empowering beliefs.

Binaural beats have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and negative mental states while having a positive effect on memory, mood, creativity and our ability to focus attention. They are also known to enhance 'access' to the subconscious mind.

Empowered Now is perfect for you if ...

You are ready to REALLY change your mind—and life
You are ready to let go of stress and worry now
You want to live more in a flow state now—and every day
You want to quiet your mind while increasing depth and clarity
You want to empower your future without getting bogged down in the past
You are ready to attract and manifest your deepest desires
You are ready to expand your self-awareness to a point of self-mastery

...and it's probably not for you if you...

expect different results without doing something new
aren't willing to listen regularly to your guided meditations
don't want improved mental, physical and emotional health
don't believe the power of your subconscious mind to create 95% of your life
aren't ready to move on from your past
aren't ready to stop self-sabotage
aren't ready to take control of your life by shifting your focus to what IS working and what YOU are manifesting with your every thought
Do you still dream?

For a better life? 

A slimmer body?

A nicer home?

A holiday to somewhere over the rainbow?

You know you do.

But sometimes it feels like the dreams are slipping away, right?
That's when regular listening to uplifting guided meditations, with healing frequencies and powerful visualisations can bring your dreams back to life.
And you can be Empowered Now.

Experience massive personal transformation without digging up the wounds of your past

Ancestral trauma? Repressed memories? The subconscious is definitely capable of hiding away shadows from our past.

And while it can be helpful sometimes to look to your past to see why you might sometimes second guess yourself, or even sabotage your own success, it's also easy to get stuck 'back there', working through it all.

When the truth is, to manifest any NEW experience we simply need to believe what we desire is possible, see it, repeat it as already experienced and FEEL it as already here.

With Empowered Now we focus on what you can do here, today, now, to manifest your best relationships, your best health, your best wealth and your best life ever.

Becoming a Master Manifester just got easier.


Here are just some of the testimonials from clients who have purchased the same kind of B.A.M.s offered in the Empowered Now membership.

More Testimonials...

And here are more testimonials from some of the members of Empowered Now.

Your B.A.M. experience...

Listen to this short example of a B.A.M. (binaural affirmations meditation) with healing frequencies. Best experienced with headphones.

PS. The complete B.A.M. is called 'Your New Story' and features a visualisation inside The Library of All Life.

Why choose Empowered Now?

Because you are ready to get what you want NOW!

Because you are ready to FEEL empowered NOW!

Because your are ready for the best NOW!


  1. As you listen you will learn which healing frequencies and brain wave binaural beats you respond best to by experiencing new ones, simply explained each month.


2. You will overcome self-limiting and self-sabotage behaviours once and for all by making regular meditation (guided with healing frequencies) a part of your well-being practice.


3. Studies have proven the healing brain wave frequencies and binaural beats included in the B.A.M.s can lower the heart rate, improve sleep, decrease anxiety and stress levels, as well as lowering cortisol levels (the fat/anxiety hormone).


4. Get the tools, motivation and regular encouragement to make listening to guided meditations a regular part of your well being practice. Because doing so will transform everything for you in massive, magnificent ways.


5. Your Empowered Now membership gives you BONUS full access to new audio programs within The Fortune Frequency Forum, making it super convenient to listen anytime, wherever you are.


6. Regular LIVE guided binaural affirmation meditations, MASTERCLASSES and COACHING CATCH UPS are all included in your membership. And remember you can cancel anytime—and still keep all the B.A.M.s!

Skool Community and App

Full Access!

Your membership of Empowered Now comes with a BONUS of full access to the Empowered Now portal within The Fortune Frequency Forum.

Plus you get access to the extra videos and audio with healing frequencies and inspirational content within the forum.

Join this super supportive and engaged community of fellow conscious creators, sharing their journey of healing and manifestation with healing frequencies and guided meditations.

Unique Point of Difference

The unique point of difference with the binaural affirmation meditations only available in the Empowered Now private membership is the inclusion of one or more of The Ten Healing Frequencies.

You may have heard of the 9 solfeggio frequencies and/or 432Hz? Together these make the ten ancient sounds known for their healing qualities and for their power to clear blockages and energise the major energy centres.

Many people report experiencing profound benefits including pain relief, physical healing, emotional balance and even spiritual revelations from listening to The Ten Healing Frequencies.

Skool Community and App

Get your GOAL!

Your membership of Empowered Now gives you access to an exclusive guided meditation every week, to support you in manifesting any goal you want.

Guided by Sound Empowerment creator, Ben Grant Mitchell, this special meditation prepares you for your week ahead, giving you a deep connection to your infinite manifestation powers.

And focussing on what you are creating next.


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✅ Coaching Catch-ups and Masterclasses

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