How To Live The Law of Attraction

(10 Secrets to Manifesting With Affirmations)

by creator of Sound Empowerment, Ben Grant Mitchell

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Included with the AUDIO version of 'How To Live The Law of Attraction - 10 Secrets of Manifesting With Affirmations' is the eBook (pdf) version.

Apply the Laws of Attraction

Learn how to apply the three major aspects of The Law of Attraction: like attracts like, nature abhors a vacuum and the present is perfect. What do they mean to a powerful affirmation practice? How can you be ever mindful of The Law of Attraction when manifesting your ultimate desires?

Manifest with powerful frequencies

As you discover how manifesting with affirmations is more than simply saying what you want (you have to FEEL it and you have to FEEL happy with where you are and what you have now) your subconscious mind experiences the healing properties of 10 magnificent 'healing frequencies' to remove blocks and liberate energy towards the creation of your dream life.

What are the 10 Healing Frequencies?

The 10 healing frequencies include:

- The 6 traditional solfeggio frequencies of 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz

- The 3 ‘modern’ Solfeggio frequencies of 174 Hz, 285 Hz and 963 Hz

- Plus 432 Hz, known as the Miracle Tone.

Each frequency offers healing and activation to various parts and systems of the body/mind/spirit.

The frequencies are mixed into the recording of this audio book to create a heightened experience for the subconscious and conscious mind as well as the spirit.

As I read through the 10 Secrets of Manifesting With Affirmations within ‘How To Live The Law of Attraction’ each frequency plays in the background.

This is a unique way to experience learning and a powerful way to activate the subconscious mind in applying the simple techniques and ideas in this book.


March 'Manifesting'


NOW ONLY $17.50

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Empowered by Sound

The principles in How To Live The Law of Attraction are imbued in all my coaching, including the Sound Empowerment program which also features The Ten Healing Frequencies.

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The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss

The principles in How To Live The Law of Attraction are combined with healing frequencies to unblock and energise the energy centres responsible for our weight in the 'My Perfect Weight Now' programs available at the link below...

Pain Relief and More...

How To Live The Law of Attraction, the ebook, includes all Ten Healing Frequencies playing softly underneath. This is a perfect introduction, opening the subconscious mind to the powers of these unique sounds.