Private Casual Coaching

Prviate coaching with creator of 'P.A.T.H. - Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis', Ben Grant Mitchell.

Whether you are looking to empower more positive self-talk and self-confidence, lose weight, grow your wealth, invite more love and better relationships or improve any other area of your life, I am here to help, guide, nurture and empower you.

And most importantly I am here to listen.

This online session with me is especially focussed on empowering you to build on what is already working in your life, and to identify the blocks or disempowering thoughts/habits which can easily be transformed with the benefit of a specially selected for you coaching audio, a B.A.M. (Binaural Affirmations Meditation).

Incudes FREE coaching audio B.A.M. (binaural affirmations meditation) for subconscious transformation.

After your coaching session you will receive a FREE coaching audio program for positively re-programming your subconscious mind with a focus on whatever area you are aiming to transform most.

Relaxed AND empowering

Can making positive changes in your life be fun? I think it can. In fact I reckon an empowered life is a fun life.

And I always aim to make these sessions enjoyable, relaxed and empowering.

And I will follow your lead: we can go as deep as you like, or keep it as light as you like during our private coaching session together.

Join the Sound Empowered

Sound Empowerment is the name I gave to this modality I created which combines the benefits of healing frequencies (including the nine solfeggio frequencies and 432Hz), binaural beats (proven to enhance the minds ability to adopt new empowering beliefs, and guided meditations/visualisations/gentle hypnosis.

Affirmations are also used to enhance the minds ability to adopt new empowering thoughts as natural and normal, which they become after repeated listening.

Solve your problem at the subconscious root today!

NB. You will immediately get a link to book in for a time that suits you.