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Healing frequencies plus affirmations, visualisations and guided meditations to call in your dream life.

5 Steps To Sound Empowerment

Here you'll find all you need to get started on your Sound Empowerment journey of self-healing, self-nurturing and self-development with healing frequencies. This short video below outlines the 5 EASY steps you'll take and includes a snippet of each of the Ten Healing Frequencies as theta wave audio (which enhances the minds ability to adopt new and empowering beliefs).

Sound Empowerment combines healing frequencies—including binaural beats and The Ten Healing Frequencies—with custom affirmations, visualisations and meditations to empower positive transformation and lasting healing at a subconscious level.

It's power comes from the ability of the specific frequencies to open up the subconscious mind to 'reprogramming', in line with your best conscious wishes, aspirations and desires.

This is also a powerful modality for healing physical conditions which are—according to self-help pioneer, Louise Hay, as well as a growing list of scientists and doctors including Dr Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and many more—in fact rooted in mental causes. By addressing the mental block, trauma or dis-ease we can empower natural physical healing and a rich and abundant life.

Sound Empowerment can help improve any aspect of life including our relationships, health, wealth and spiritual connection.

Everything is vibration.

Everything makes a sound.

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Get everything you need to begin your Sound Empowerment experience today. Take your well being practice to the next level as you learn to incorporate these ancient, healing sounds into your meditation, affirmation, yoga or other well-being practice.

Sound Empowerment is the practice of bringing our attention to the sounds we surround ourselves with, and the sounds we make—especially our words; how we speak, both out loud and within our mind—the almost constant voice we all have going on.

Becoming conscious of the sounds we are subjecting ourselves to is the first step in making empowered choices to choose with intention what we listen to.

Fear, propaganda, and agitation abounds in the sounds of radio, TV, 'social' media feeds and movies.

The basic practice of Sound Empowerment is as simple as becoming a filter for your own ears: turning OFF the noise pollution and tuning INTO only the best vibrations.

All 10 Healing Frequencies INCLUDED

Each of The Ten Healing Frequencies is included in this bundle as both a 15 min pure tone (combining a calibrated tuning fork with a pure digital tone) AND as a theta wave binaural beat. This allows you to explore your preference for the different tones, and to apply them for different purposes (as explained in the guide book).

A central component of Sound Empowerment is The Ten Healing Frequencies.

The Ten Healing Frequencies are ancient and eternal unique tones currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity amongst yoga practitioners, meditators and all manner of law of attraction and mindfulness proponents.

Nine of the 10 healing frequencies are known as solfeggio frequencies which consist of the 6 traditional solfeggio frequencies of 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz as well as the the 3 ‘modern’ solfeggio frequencies of 174 Hz, 285 Hz and 963 Hz.

One more very special frequency of 432 Hz is included in The 10 Healing Frequencies for its power to re-connect us with the frequency and vibration of the earth and universe together with our feelings of gratitude for all our blessings.

INCLUDED guide book with handy tips!

The healing frequencies can be applied and experienced in so many ways. The included guide eBook comes with loads of tips, strategies and suggestions for transforming your well-being practice with the frequencies, and the various high quality mp3 recordings included with in the bundle.

Theta Waves for Enhanced Transformation

The brain wave state of Theta is a state of very deep relaxation. As we fall asleep and just before we are fully awake the brain waves slow down to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. Theta is the first stage of the 'dreaming' state. And by listening to theta waves the brain can be entrained into the theta state, enhancing the mind's ability to adopt new empowering beliefs.

All 10 Healing Frequencies are NOW INCLUDED as 2 minute theta wave/binaural beat mp3s in the Sound Empowerment bundle (see below)

Binaural Beats for deeper Sound Empowerment...

Binaural beats refer to the frequency our brains focus on when listening to different frequencies in each ear. For example if we listen to 528 Hz in the left ear and 634 Hz in the right ear the binaural beat = 6 Hz; this is the frequency the brain fixates on. Binaural beats are included in the guided meditations for 'Physical Healing' and 'Winning The Day', as well as 2 minutes each of The Ten Healing Frequencies.

Yoga Level Up!

Take your yoga practice to the next level by incorporating the healing frequencies which correspond with each asana/pose. Included in the eBook guide are 3 poses for each of The Ten Healing Frequencies.

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The Sound Empowerment bundle comes with everything you need to begin your frequency healing and empowerment journey.

But if you are totally new to Sound Empowerment you might like to book in a private one-on-one coaching session with me.

It will be my pleasure to give you some tips and strategies for getting the most out of your Sound Empowerment bundle.

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  • AUDIO/eBook 'How To Live The Law of Attraction - 10 Secrets of Manifesting With Affirmations' VALUE $35
  • 'The 10 Healing Frequencies' book (full colour pdf) with tips for applying the frequencies to your meditation, affirmation, yoga, breath-work and other well being practices. NB. Includes 3 suggested yoga poses for each frequency VALUE $50
  • 6 MINUTE mp3 'Physical Healing' Binaural Affirmations Meditation VALUE $35
  • 6 MINUTE mp3 SUBLIMINAL 'Physical Healing' Binaural Affirmations Meditation VALUE $35
  • 6 MINUTE mp3 'Winning The Day' Binaural Affirmations Meditation VALUE $35
  • 6 MINUTE mp3 SUBLIMINAL 'Winning The Day' Binaural Affirmations Meditation VALUE $35
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