Empower Your Ultimate Path TODAY!

To live a fully empowered life is to live in the truth that YOU are the creator of your life.

Empower Your Ultimate Path is an easy to complete course which gives you the insights, knowledge and tools to be a conscious creator every day.

Plus you will walk away with a POWERFUL transformational custom coaching audio recording you can use everyday to supercharge your manifestation powers: your P.A.T.H. (personalised affirmations theta hypnosis).

Doing this course you will gain an empowering understanding of the subconscious mind; the knowledge of how it can, by being responsible for 95-97% of our behaviour, cause us to self-sabotage daily.

But the subconscious is also the source of all our POSITIVE and LASTING change too!

Join Empower Your Ultimate Path today and get that 97% working FOR you—in the positive.

Immediate Empowerment

As soon as you join Empower Your Ultimate Path you can immediately begin your transformation by simply relaxing back and listening to the 'Universal P.A.T.H.' an example version of the custom recording you are guided to create in the course.

Many students feel owning this unique re-framing/meditation/hypnosis audio coaching recording is alone worth the investment in this course.

This high quality mp3 is 24 minutes of subconscious re-programming, with theta waves, binaural beats, 432 Hz, and powerfully positive affirmations so you can immediately begin on your new empowered path.

Do any of these sound like you?

If any of these below sound like you, and you’re tired of it, join me, and let’s unlock a new level of self-mastery, self-empowerment, self-love, and enjoyment for your life.

And let’s get you right on track.

Right on your ultimate path.

Can’t Shake The Frustration

You can’t shake the feeling that you’ve got more to offer—and more to receive from this life—but don’t know what’s holding you back?

Your Inner Power Still On A Leash?

You’ve read the classics and the latest self-help books too but don’t seem to be able to make the empowerment stick?

Show Me The Money

Money might not be the source of happiness but you’d like to find out for yourself—and you don’t yet seem to be able to attract or maintain great wealth, and don’t know why?

Flickering Flame of Your Potential Fading

You know you’ve got potential for so much more in your life but are also getting dangerously close to giving up on that potential?

It’s Love Actually

Love is all you need and ain’t that the truth! You’re ready for your life partner but can’t seem to swipe anywhere near the right direction?

A Smorgasbord of Dissatisfaction

Ice cream, cake and pizza went from occasional ‘treats’ to every week eats but you’d really love to get in shape for the beach—and your favourite old pair of jeans.

Get your own custom coaching audio...

INCLUDED in the course you also receive your own custom coaching audio backing track.

This is the same backing track custom clients receive as part of their personalised coaching recordings (valued at $1500) and features theta waves and binaural beats which are scientifically proven to enhance the mind's ability to adopt new beliefs.

In this course you are taught how to use this powerful backing track to create your own P.A.T.H.

Your P.A.T.H. recording is the tool you will walk away with (and keep forever) to transform habitual disempowering thought patterns into naturally empowering ones.

What are they saying about Empower Your Ultimate Path...?


Learn to become a 'conscious creator'

Imagine the FEELING of waking up every day knowing this world is FOR you and is constantly reflecting back to you EXACTLY what you ask it to.

That FEELING is yours when you appreciate the power of your subconscious mind to respond to your thoughts and words in motivating your actions.

Doing this course you will gain an empowering understanding of the subconscious mind—the knowledge of how it can, by being responsible for up to 97% of our behaviour, cause us to self-sabotage daily.

AND you will get to know exactly how to make that 97% work FOR you with a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind: your own custom coaching recording; your P.A.T.H. — a 'Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis'.

To be fully empowered is to live in the truth that YOU are the creator of your life.

And this course gives you the knowledge and tools to be a conscious creator every day.

UNIT 1 - Introduction and Welcome

Get ready to call in your dream life by opening up to allowing it in. You deserve it. It’s coming. Maybe most of it is already here?

What you’ll get: ‘4 Questions to Empower’ PDF download + ‘Do This, Just For Fun' WORKSHEET + Universal 'Empowered P.A.T.H.' Recording mp 3 (Immediately begin your subconscious mind transformation by listening to this powerful re-framing/meditation/hypnosis audio)

UNIT 2 - Getting to know the subconscious mind

Mastering your manifesting superpowers you’ll find out—or learn something new about—the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

What you’ll get: ‘Safe Card’ QUIZ + ‘Focus on the Subconscious’ QUIZ

UNIT 3 - Self-sabotage

Awakening your inner champion means knowing who your opponent is. Even better is finding out how to turn your sometimes enemy into your greatest ally.

What you’ll get: ‘Where do I self-sabotage’ QUIZ + ‘Get Real, feel and heal’ QUIZ

UNIT 4 - Affirmations

Unleashing the giant within your subconscious, and plugging into the power of affirmations and the law of attraction.

What you’ll get: ‘The Power of Words’ QUIZ

UNIT 5 - Feeling Your future

Your inner power activation turns up another notch with this unit focussed on engaging your feelings of having exactly what you desire now. Find out what your ‘future feels’ are.

What you’ll get: ‘My Top Ten Future Feels’ WORKSHEET

UNIT 6 - Your P.A.T.H. Questionnaire

This is where you get to the juicy bit of clearly defining the aspects of your life you wish to transform followed by the ultimate path paradigm shift moment of using your answers to create your custom coaching script.

What you’ll get: The P.A.T.H. questionnaire in easy to fill in bite size lessons online + the P.A.T.H. Custom Coaching Script TEMPLATE.

UNIT 7 - Your Custom Coaching Recording

Elevating your mind and elevating your life with your transformational recording of your own voice, with your own words, as guided by your custom coaching script you’ve already created.

What you’ll get: P.A.T.H. THETA Waves Backing Track (432Hz) DOWNLOAD

UNIT 8 - The path of empowerment

Staying on the path of empowerment is what this course is all about. Now you have found your ultimate path, here’s how to stay focussed.

What you’ll get: Your P.A.T.H. Tracker PDF DOWNLOAD