What healing frequency gets rid of parasites?

Is there a frequency for treating parasites?

I got this question recently and as with all remedies and healings the answer will often depend on you, and your specific conditions and physical, emotional and mental state.

Because the healing frequencies help connect us with our natural healing powers, it can be said that all Ten Healing Frequencies can help get rid of parasites.

But perhaps, in particular, these 4 frequencies.

4 Frequencies to Get Rid of Parasites

1) 285 Hz

285 Hz for physical healing. This frequency is great for grounding us and allowing physical regeneration—helpful for the symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting and muscle aches often associated with parasitic infection. 

2) 396 Hz

396 Hz for grounding. Our healing electromagnetic connection with the earth can be empowered with this frequency which activates the root chakra.

3) 432 Hz

432Hz also connects us with earth and studies have shown it has a calming effect, improving sleep and decreasing anxiety. The extra energy all these benefits provide can support the body in combating parasitic invaders.


4) 528 Hz

Also proven to be physically regenerative, 528Hz has been shown to boost testosterone levels, which can be lacking in those suffering from parasites. N.B. Testosterone is obviously important for men but also important for women, especially women aged over 30 years (when testosterone levels begin to drop in women).

Engage the Healing Powers of Mind With Frequencies + Affirmations

Listening to these 4 frequencies while further engaging the healing powers of your mind with affirmations like

“I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference.”


“I know what to do for my best health, and I do it now.”

Is a natural way to boost your health and help get rid of parasites.

NB. For links to scientific studies proving the efficacy of healing frequencies CLICK HERE