The 4 Frequencies for Wealth Creation

Do you ever feel funny about money?

Like you would like more money but also have mental or emotional blocks about receiving more?

Maybe you worry if you did have multi-millions of dollars how would you manage it? Would people try and take advantage of you?

These type of fears can limit greatly what you allow yourself to experience, financially speaking.

When I first learned that any deeply held fear-based negative beliefs about money can stop you manifesting your MOST ABUNDANT LIFE I got straight to work on my subconscious mind.

I started listening to money and wealth affirmations, and it really helped me.

Then I discovered the 4 healing frequencies, which help clear and energise the ‘money making’ chakras.

And they helped me feel more abundant than ever.

Here’s each frequency with an affirmation you can do right now:

1) 417Hz (Sacral Chakra) for boosting Creativity and Relationships.

“ I am creative with money”

2) 432Hz (Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras) for Gratitude and appreciation for this abundant world

“My money and wealth grows the more I appreciate it”

3) 528Hz (Solar Plexus Chakra) for Confidence & Empowerment

“I am confident in my growing wealth”

4) 741Hz (Throat Chakra) for Self-Expression & Communication

“I only speak of prosperity”

Transform you money and wealth beliefs by listening to these 4 frequencies with positive abundance affirmations and binaural beats (for enhancing the minds ability to adopt new empowering beliefs) when you download My Money B.A.M., a bundle of 6 binaural affirmation meditations I created with over 350 affirmations embedded WITH the 4 frequencies for wealth.