This Frequency Cured My Tinnitus

This Frequency Cured My Tinnitus

Do you ever suffer from tinnitus?

That ANNOYING, high-pitched ringing in your ears you may have noticed temporarily, like after a loud concert—or you might have constantly.

What if a specific healing frequency could cure your tinnitus?

It turns out using frequencies to distract the mind is a recognised ‘sound therapy’ treatment for tinnitus. I just happened to do it by chance.

The premise behind this treatment is when you find a frequency that mirrors the frequency of your tinnitus it basically ‘cancels’ it out.

And so while this frequency worked best for me it could be another healing frequency might work best for your tinnitus.

The frequency I benefited from most has also been proven to have calming effects and to decrease anxiety levels; something VERY helpful when dealing with the stress caused by tinnitus.

Discovering this frequency led me to learn and share about The Ten Healing Frequencies, each of which have particular health and well-being benefits.

The frequency which helped me learn to manage my tinnitus, to the point where I didn’t notice it anymore is 432Hz.

Listening to the pure tone, then frequency music, then combining 432Hz with healing affirmations is how I found relief from tinnitus and other dis-ease too.

Maybe 432Hz will work for you too?

Or maybe one of the other Ten Healing Frequencies can provide you relief? Which might, in turn, start you on a journey of healing which could empower you to cure yourself of any dis-ease, including psoriasis, something I suffered from for most of my life (read more about that HERE).