Listening To This Cured My Psoriasis

It still makes me emotional.

Looking at photos from when psoriasis was a big issue in my life. 

The first time I knew there was anything ‘wrong’ with my skin I was a young actor filming my first big TV commercial when the director yelled out in front of the entire crew “What the hell’s THAT on his elbows?!!”

I was just 19.

And I was devastated.

Embarrassed and self-conscious in a whole new way; a way which wouldn’t leave me, for a long, long time.


"It still makes me emotional..."

If you suffer from psoriasis I FEEL you. I've been there and lived with it for most of my life.

And if you are reading this, and seeing these before and after photos, know this: you too can heal yourself, without drugs, ointments or fancy light therapy.

They key, I have found, is in your mind; allowing the idea of healing to take hold, and feeling worthy of healing. The body is capable of miracles.


And it affected so many areas of my life.

I stopped going to gym because I couldn’t see the point in having a 'fit' body while the flaky skin on most of my joints was so unsightly.

I missed out on acting jobs because of ’whatever that thing going on, on your hands is’.

I drank more and more alcohol trying to numb my emotions and feelings; a  bottle of wine and a few beers every day—for decades—was nothing to me.

Because I was nothing to me.

And I tried diets, and creams, and ointments, and oils, and tar, and giving up alcohol completely for a year. But nothing worked.

Until it did.

And what worked for me? 

Changing my frequency.

And how did I do that?

By listening to healing frequencies, and opening my mind and heart to the healing potential my body held within.

I’d always BELIEVED we can heal ourselves, ever since reading Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, which gave me the idea that any dis-ease in the body is an indicator of disempowering thoughts or beliefs deeply held. But although I BELIEVED I hadn’t committed to putting those new beliefs into action.

And it became apparent to me those old thoughts and beliefs were so deeply held I didn’t even know they were there.

So how did I get to them?

For me the answer was healing frequency meditations.


“What the hell’s THAT on his elbows?!!”

The first time I realised I had anything 'wrong' with me was when the director of my first big TV commercial shouted those words from his director's chair, in front of the whole crew.

I'll never forget the feelings of shame, embarrassment and unworthiness I experienced in that one moment.

Though, with the help of healing frequency affirmation meditations I have learned to let those feelings—AND the psoriasis—go.


Not just sitting in silence (though that helps, and I highly recommend you try if you haven’t) but also meditating with guided visualisations, affirmations, gentle coaching and, especially, healing frequencies.

I recorded affirmations and visualisations about having beautiful skin, loving my body, and letting go of any thought or belief that no longer serves me. And I included healing frequencies to clear and activate the energy centres (chakras), and binaural beats to entrain my mind into restorative brain wave states.

And the more I listened the more I healed.

Sometimes I’d cry as emotions released from my body.

Sometimes I’d laugh, as joy filled the new space within me.

Sometimes I’d feel deep love and compassion for the version of me who held onto the dis-ease for so long; my inner child, the wounded one now finding a path to love.

And I’m still on that path. Every day. Listening and healing.

And I've never felt more at home in my own skin.

In my own frequency!

PS. Working with healing frequencies, visualisations and affirmations opened me up to more self-nurturing by improving my diet, reducing inflammatory foods (especially processed foods) and feeling good about eating more meat and less vegetables!

I even tried urine therapy, such was my resolve to heal myself. And I believe all these nutritional factors, combined with my willingness to 'go deeper' than ever before on my healing journey, have together helped my skin stay healthier than ever before. And it all started, and continues, with my sound empowerment practice.

Tears of joy...and relief!

It's amazing what we can get used to. For me, I got used to the unsightly lesions, which often bled, and almost always shed flakes of skin wherever I roamed. For most of my life psoriasis became part of how I saw myself, and I really OWNED my dis-ease; referring to it as 'MY psoriasis'.

So when I eventually healed myself, and the psoriasis cleared up, I was in a kind of shock. Tears of joy and relief were followed by a sense of wonder at how incredible our bodies are and how infinitely capable they are of healing, when the emotions and mind are given the love and attention they need.

And I no longer simply believe, I KNOW...

...the miracle of healing is within us all.