Learn how to empower every aspect of your life with the ancient transformational power of The Ten Healing Frequencies

Empower your health, wealth, relationships and spirit with the timeless tones of The 10 Healing Frequencies

THIS COURSE INCLUDES 10 videos for each frequency—perfect to meditate with/on (includes corresponding colours to access colour therapy benefits too!)
THIS COURSE INCLUDES 10 mp3 downloads of 15 minutes of each healing frequency
THIS COURSE INCLUDES 10 affirmations for each of The Ten Healing Frequencies, to inspire your own affirmation practice
THIS COURSE INCLUDES scientific proof of the efficacy of these healing frequencies
BONUS 'My Manifesting B.A.M.' 39 minute binaural affirmations meditation mp3 featuring all of The Ten Healing Frequencies, binaural beats and theta brain wave frequencies
BONUS 'Sound Empowerment' 11 minute mp3 which includes an introduction to The Ten Healing Frequencies, binaural beats and brain wave frequencies

10 X 15 Minutes Each mp3

Each mp3 is a combination of a calibrated tuning fork which merges with a pure digital tone—so it lasts longer. Keep on your phone or computer or other device for playing your favourite audio files.

Experience transformations like these...

"Hey Ben, your VTFs (Virtual Tuning Forks) are fantastic! I used them today in my meditation and I could feel a shift in my whole body.

“Just needed to say thank you — first time I played the physical healing one (of) my teenage kids and I who are all dealing with Lyme had this amazing release in our bodies like a calm feeling and it was like our bodies were letting out a sigh and we all felt very sleepy and that night had deep sleeps we haven’t had in several years — it was so very beautiful.”

“Yesterday I was suffering with a bad migraine. After 2 listens through of the healing frequency 174 Hz the pain dropped dramatically. From about an 8 to a 5. Thank you so much!.”

"I was listening to 174hz for pain relief whilst waiting for the chiropractor yesterday for a tennis elbow injury I have and I must say, it has helped a lot. I'll continue to use it and let you know how I go. Thanks again mate."

"Hi Ben,

I've printed off the guide book and laminated it lol. I keep it as a reference and repeat the affirmations during the music, when I'm able to, otherwise; I just listen. My daughter also enjoys listening to the frequencies! I'm really loving the sound (empowerment) package! Thanks so much for developing this!!! Have the best day!"


Play The Ten Healing Frequencies during meditation for unique revelations


Play your The Ten Healing Frequencies while you write or recite your daily affirmations


Play your The Ten Healing Frequencies while going through your daily asanas

174 Hz - Pain Relief/Letting Go
285 Hz Physical Healing/Strength
396 Hz Grounding & Security
417 Hz Creativity & Relationships
432 Hz Connection & Abundance
528 Hz Confidence & Empowerment
639 Hz Love & Compassion
741 Hz Self Expression & Communication
852 Hz Intuition & Spiritual Awareness
963 Hz Divine Consciousness
Accurately calibrated tuning forks
Mixed with pure digital tone
Provides benefits of analogue sensation with longer duration (15 minutes each frequency)
9 Solfeggio Frequencies + 432 Hz = The Ten Healing Frequencies
10 high quality mp3s files ready for your phone, computer or favourite audio player

Tune into your best nature without effort or struggle!

Everything we are is vibrating—we ARE frequency.

By pin-pointing the frequency of any aspect of our mind/body/spirit these sounds can clear energy blocks and provide healing for all sorts of ailments and conditions.

And they can be easily applied to supercharge your energy, taking your meditation, affirmation, yoga or other well-being practice to new, deeper, more nourishing levels.

All these mp3s INCLUDED

  • 10 Healing Frequencies
  • 39 minute My Manifestation B.A.M.
  • 11 minute Sound Empowerment introduction