How Healing Frequencies led to Healing Foods

How Healing Frequencies led to Healing Foods

My healing experience from listening to 432Hz, and binaural affirmation meditations featuring 432Hz, lead me to meditate more, relax more and be open to deeper healing.

One of the changes inspired by my healing frequency work was changing my diet; and this, I believed, helped too, in greatly mitigating the negative impact of tinnitus.

There is increasing research (like THIS here) into the impact of inflammatory foods—especially processed foods like sugary drinks, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and all unnatural ‘foods’ like additives, processed meats etc…on tinnitus.

While I have not cut all of these items out completely, I have reduced my consumption of all of them drastically.

I’ve also been more conscious of the benefits of including anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish, certain fruits, and vegetables—though I’m more carnivore these days; something which I believed also helped cure psoriasis (read more about that HERE).