What to expect on an 86-HOUR fast

Have you ever thought of doing a fast?

This is what I learnt—and how much weight I lost—on a three day fast.

My original goal was 72 hours but I ended up going for 86 hours.

That’s because the first thing I learnt on my fast was

1) It’s mostly mental

Fasting showed how habitual eating can be, and how we’re often eating for loads of reasons other than nutrition.

2) Hot water is your friend

I started drinking cold spring water but moved to mostly hot water. By Day 2 I’d added a slice of lemon for variety.

3) Baths help

Swapping the ritual of eating for other rituals like baths, incense, or sun-gazing while grounding was super helpful, mentally and spiritually.

4) You CAN workout

I had one of my best workouts ever on Day 1 of my fast. On Day 3 I played Spikeball.

5) You STILL poo

Even on Day 3. Which shows how much food sits in our intenstines.

6) Weight loss can be dramatic.

I prefer to say ‘Weight Release’ but however you say it, it can be dramatic. For me it was a tad over 3 kilos (3.1kgs to be exact)

7) How good is food!

My last meal before fasting for 86 hours was lasagne and salad. I LOVED it, especially knowing I wouldn’t be eating for the next 3 days.

"Fasting is the first principle of medicine."


How to help prepare for your fast

In a lot of ways I didn't prepare for my fast, not deliberately anyway. But looking back I can see how I was on a path to this moment.

The way I worked up to 86 hours of not eating started with simply becoming more mindful of what I WAS eating.

Then I started with 24 hour fasts every now and then, moving onto 36 hour fasts more often, and then I took a break from fasting for a while before embarking on my biggest fast yet.

I think the key was not thinking about it too much, but rather feeling into it; you'll know when the time is right for you is what I'd say.

Something that DID help me prepare my mindset for my biggest fast yet was listening to positive affirmation audio recordings I make for myself and clients.

Before going on my 86-hour fast I'd already been listening for almost two weeks to a binaural affirmations meditation (B.A.M.) called 'My Perfect Weight Now'.

This specially created recording features three weight-loss frequencies which activate the root chakra and heart chakra, combined with self-acceptance, self-love and security affirmations focussed on healthy living, mentally and physically.

I also listened every morning of my fast.

And my experience was totally positive.

Because my mind was in the right place; to let my body have a rest from eating.