The Weight Loss Frequency

What is the frequency for weight loss?

I got this question recently and the answer is:…

…a combination of 3 frequencies.

And HERE is why.

285 Hz for Physical Healing

1. 285 Hz is known as the ‘physical healing and health’ frequency and is related to the root chakra which, when working as it should, gives us FEELINGS of BEING secure and grounded.

The PROBLEM of being overweight is actually, generally, an emotional issue of INSECURITY and NEEDING protection: the extra fat representing protection from imagined, or real, threats. The SOLUTION is TRUSTING your body in all situations.

A fantastic affirmation to accompany 285 Hz for Physical Healing is:

I am safe where I am.

396 Hz for Grounding & Security

2. 396 Hz also relates to the ROOT CHAKRA, which when energised helps us get our most basic needs met. When we THINK our needs might not be met this causes a LACK mentality and the corresponding PROBLEM of OVER CONSUMPTION. 396 Hz helps activate the knowing ALL YOUR NEEDS ARE, AND WILL ALWAYS, BE MET.

A fantastic affirmation to accompany 396 Hz for Grounding & Security is:

I create my own security

639 Hz for Compassion & Love

3. The third frequency to EMPOWER your weight loss is 639 Hz because it activates the HEART CHAKRA where our love and compassion IS. Self Love EQUALS taking care of ourselves, including being our optimal weight—and NOT CRITISISING ourselves.

The WEIGHT LOSS journey BEGINS with loving yourself NOW, and accepting yourself completely, now.

I love and approve of myself.

Save this post and come back to remind yourself anytime:

You are perfect as you are.

You are safe and secure.

You are enough.

And watch the weight drop off, as you TRULY, love yourself now.

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"I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am, I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.” - Louise Hay, affirmation for letting go of need to be overweight