Try This Magical Meditation

Try This Magical Chakra Meditation

Do you ever wish you a little more magic in your life?

What if you could find that magic wherever you are?

Right now?

Last week, on the final days of our holiday to Victoria, Australia (from our home in Byron Bay, NSW), I discovered something magical I brought back with me and would like to share with you now.

It’s something that has the power to change the world.

It’s something that has been here for a long time, right under our noses.

It’s a stone.

Your own stone.

What my friend Zeb Walker calls an EMULON stone.

From his research and instinct Zeb believes the images of meditation we’re all familiar with, of people holding their hands together in the prayer position, have been missing something.

A sacred stone.

A stone which we can imbue our spiritual energy into, and which can conduct our loving intention, radiating it out into the world and beyond, into the universe.

“Emulon is the name I have given to the special and unique energy that I believe we are each here to create and release.”

Zeb Walker, Emulon Stones creator

Zeb believes by practicing meditation/prayer with your own stone you can supercharge forgiving those who have wronged you, and call in your dream life, abundant in love and all your wishes coming true.

Learning about these prayer stones—and getting my own (did I choose it, or did it choose me?)—inspired me to create a chakra frequency meditation I‘ve just finished and uploaded to this website.

If you’d like to start practicing a meditation focussed on raising blissful universal energy you can get your own Emulon Stone HERE—or use your own sacred stone, or cherished crystal—and experience true magic with this specially created meditation.

Click the link below to get ‘My Chakra B.A.M.’ now at the special introductory price.

“I firmly believe these stones have been in our distant past in vast numbers for thousands of years.”

Zeb Walker, Emulon Stones creator