Activate INFINITE energy with guided Chakra 'Stone' Meditation featuring The Ten Healing Frequencies


Doing this meditation connects you—physically and spiritually— to all that is, and all that has been before, and all that can or shall ever be...

With the power of your intention and focussed consciousness you are guided to invite the infinite, pure energy of all creation to move through you now—becoming even more magnificent in the process.

Supercharging this meditation is the inclusion of the healing frequencies as binaural beats, enhancing the minds ability to transcend the physical realm in a magnificent, sublime way.

Each CHAKRA has own healing frequency

The 7 major chakras each have a corresponding frequency which enhances our ability to clear and activate the energy of that chakra.

These frequencies are included as binaural beats in this audio, further enhancing the transformative positive effects of the meditation.

The inspiration for this unique meditation came from meeting Zeb Walker, the father of my daughters' friends on a holiday to Victoria, Australia recently.

Zeb is an artist who works with many mediums, creating what he has called 'Emulon Stones', designed to fit perfectly within hands clasped in meditation or prayer pose.

His historical research has proved to him what his passion and intuition had led him to believe: the use of personal meditation stones is an ancient practice lost to a world of virtual experiences and sensuality by proxy.

I was so moved by him sharing all he has learnt and discovered I created this matching meditation; guided by my intuition and trust, and my own experience meditating with my Emulon Stone.

This meditation is designed to be listened to while holding a sacred stone.

It could be an Emulon Stone (as described above), another special stone, a cherished crystal, or something else from nature you would like to imbue with and magnify universal energy.

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