This Frequency Cures COVID!!!

As a coach I help my clients live healthier lives, mentally, spiritually and physically.

A BIG part of what I do, with the custom coaching recordings I make, is using healing frequencies to empower a life FREE from self-sabotage.

So when I was asked recently what frequency can help you RECOVER from COVID I had to give it some thought.

Because the answer is probably NOT what you think.

The answer to curing the symptoms of COVID, and even STOP YOU GETTING COVID is…


When you tune into the frequency of truth you’ll know they never isolated any new virus and only, based on a computer model, INVENTED a NEW name for THE FLU.

Before 2019 the TRUTH for EVERYONE was COVID didn’t exist.

Because it didn’t.


The flu didn’t disappear.

And all of us who DIDN’T GET THE SHOT are as healthy as we were before the SCAMDEMIC.

Healthier even.

Because we live with more truth.

Like sunshine is good for you.

And the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY keeps you sick or it ceases to exist.

I’ve been vaccinated before because I used to believe the lies of the pharmaceutical industry.

But since I TUNED into the frequency of the truth I’ve never been HEALTHIER.

So if you did get THE SHOT or if you still believe in the MADE UP NAME FOR A DISEASE THEY NEVER DISCOVERED I’d love to help you get better with the frequency of truth.

Watch VIDEO banned from TikTok!!


Resources to DETOX—mind and body—from 'COVID'

Many doctors and experts around the world attribute the symptoms from the so-called COVID virus to the experimental injections given to (supposedly) treat it. I will update this page as I come across helpful advice and protocols for anyone suffering from the negative effects of the COVID vaccines.

First up is Jason Christoff.

Jason Christoff shares loads of links to factual articles by experts proving COVID didn't and doesn't exist. He also explains clearly the mind-control tactics employed by governments and corporations to convince the general public to wear face masks, huddle at home in front of The News and line up for free cheeseburgers and donuts before getting injected with heavy metals and other poisons. Follow Jason and read this great post with the 'TOP 12 VIDEOS IN 2023 PROVING COVID VACCINE FRAUD' HERE

Tom Barnett shares empowering information on nutrition, not only of the body—but also how to feed the mind with more empowering thinking. In the video linked here he discusses detoxifying from heavy metals.

Watch that video HERE.