3 Ways Healing Frequencies Work

Here are 3 ways The Ten Healing Frequencies—including 9 solfeggio frequencies and 432 Hz—work.

Frequencies Move Matter

1) They work on the cells in your body. Everything is vibrating, including our cells. Specific frequencies create vibrating waves which change the way cells behave. TODAY science is catching up to what natural AND intuitive healers have known for ages: sound heals.

Frequencies Connect Us All

2) They work because of MORPHIC RESONANCE. If you’ve never heard of morphic resonance it’s a phenomenon simply explained by what’s called THE 100TH MONKEY EFFECT. When enough monkeys—or people—learn how to do a new skill in one location, that skill is somehow instantly available to all the monkeys, and all the people—everywhere. It’s as though the intelligence or blue print of how to do the new activity is loaded up into the ether and available for everyone else to download. As more people apply the healing frequencies to healing particular issues, we ALL get access to that intelligence.


Frequencies Focus Our Subconscious

3) THE TEN HEALING FREQUENCIES work because you think they work. One aspect often not discussed in the effectiveness of sound healing is the subconscious mind; as we think we become. It’s like the placebo effect; when you believe a specific frequency is going to have a specific healing or effect it does.

But the BEST way to experience the benefits of healing frequencies is to download, listen and find for out for yourself.

Or join the course at the link below, and get all Ten Healing Frequencies PLUS learn how best to apply them to your well-being practice.