Welcome to Your Frequency Fix!

Find the frequency to help you feel better now.

Because no matter what is bothering you—physical pain, anxiety, or something else—tuning into the best healing frequency for you will transform your state from disempowered to totally empowered.

In this course you will find your frequency fix.

In this course you will learn which of The Ten Healing Frequencies, including the 9 solfeggio frequencies plus 432Hz, can best help you find relief and an easy solution to whatever problem, health issue or other physical challenge you might have.

It includes easy self-tests for you to gauge which frequency benefits you most with whatever may be challenging you now, or whatever you might be struggling with.

10 Affirmations for each of The Ten Healing Frequencies

Affirmations are a simple and powerful tool to invite healing, growth, positive change and deep transformation.

When combined with the healing frequencies they become a laser like modality which can zone in on disempowering thoughts and beliefs at a subconscious level, and transform them into positive, dream-life-affirming and empowering beliefs.

What is the BEST frequency for you?

You have your own frequency.

And how you 'tune' in to this world is totally unique to you...

What's included in Your Frequency Fix?

In this short course you are guided through all Ten Healing Frequencies and will learn what each frequency does to and for YOU!

How it makes you feel, can open you to healing and bring NEW energy into your mind, body and spirit.

Included in Your Frequency Fix is all this (and more) ...

Ten Healing Frequencies

 All Ten Healing Frequencies as 15 minute audio/video files ($70 VALUE)

Theta Waves video

All Ten Healing Frequencies as 2 minute theta wave binaural beats video ($35 VALUE)

5 Easy Tests

Easy self-guided frequency tests for anxiety, headaches/migraines, tinnitus, sinus congestion and general pain relief ($175 VALUE)

Guided Binaural Affirmation Meditation

A guided chakra frequency meditation with all Ten Healing Frequencies ($35 VALUE)

Daily Frequency Meditation

3 Minute Daily Prime Meditation with 396Hz ($10 VALUE)

100 Affirmations Booklet

Healing frequencies alone are transformational; when combined with custom affirmations they are magical ($35 VALUE)

Experience your frequency fix


$350 VALUE for only...





Testimonials from clients of Ben's healing frequency work

G'day! I'm Ben Grant Mitchell...

I'm a sound-empowerment coach helping my clients change their frequency, at a subconscious level, to attract whatever they want.

As a musician I discovered the healing and nurturing power of specific frequencies and now I combine custom coaching audio scripts with The Ten Healing Frequencies to empower deep, lasting positive change.

I live in Byron Bay, Australia with my wife of almost 20 years and our three amazing daughters.

I love what I do every day, nurturing self-empowered people in mind, body and spirit.

  • Certified Freedom From Self Sabotage Coach
  • 20 + years professional musician
  • Yoga, meditation practitioner
  • Love working out at gym too!