What is your child's ultimate path

Your Child's P.A.T.H. is a custom affirmation recording to help your child tap into their best, most self-confident, happiest life.

Child (6-9yrs)

Choose for our custom designed 6-9yrs questionnaire.

Tween (9-12yrs)

Choose for our custom designed 9-12yrs questionnaire.

Teen (13-17yrs)

Choose for our custom designed 13-17yrs questionnaire.

By using Theta Waves and Binaural Beats, and recording at 432 Hz, the P.A.T.H. (Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis) powerfully enhances the subconscious AND conscious mind with a positive mindset

Positive self-image

Boost self-confidence and self-esteem

Feeling loved

Nurture your child's sense of worthiness

Happy time

Listening for 12 minutes post-meltdown is an ultra-effective pattern interrupt

Experts have told us that a whopping 95% of our behaviour is controlled by the subconscious.

Children's subconscious minds are bombarded with negative/fearful messaging from TV, movies, radio, games and more. This unique recording gives them a personalised champion in their mind, cheering them on with their own dreams and aspirations.

Increase creativity

Theta waves embedded in the recording are proven to increase creativity.

Heightened Memory

Theta waves embedded in the recording are proven to increase memory.

Super Learning

Theta waves embedded in the recording are proven to increase super-learning.

Teenagers are, as they transition from child to adult, especially susceptible to external influences.

A P.A.TH. (Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis) provides consistent positive reinforcement of their own ideals, as expressed in their answers to a specially designed online questionnaire.

Increased self-confidence

Empower your child to withstand peer pressure

More clarity

Boost focus towards manifesting dreams

Establish good habits

An excellent introduction to mindfulness

Ben Grant Mitchell

Hi! I'm Ben. I'm a father of three, an empowerment coach, and the creator of your child's P.A.T.H.

Having great success with affirmations in my own life—boosted no doubt by my long time yoga and meditation practice—I got the idea to combine sound technology (432 Hz, theta waves and binaural beats) with personalised affirmations as a powerful way to embed empowering thinking in my coaching clients.

After one exceptionally satisfied client expressed a desire to have a P.A.T.H. created for each of her two children, I went to work designing new questionnaires especially for different age groups of children.

I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity now to serve the next generation, offering a scientifically proven way to feed young subconscious minds with only the very best.

Certified Coach
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