...and your BEST WORKOUT EVER!—by reprogramming your subconscious mind with these Binaural Affirmations Meditation audio recordings.

NEXT LEVEL your workout and your body THROUGH your subconscious...

By including Beta Waves for focus and Gamma Waves for peak performance, as well as Binaural Beats and special 'muscle growth' healing frequencies your My Workout B.A.M. (Binaural Affirmations Meditation) powerfully enhances your subconscious AND conscious mind with a supercharged motivated mindset for your body and exercise.

Experts have told us that a whopping 95%-97% of our behaviour is controlled by the subconscious.

Your subconscious mind has been conditioned since childhood to hold certain beliefs about what is safest and 'normal' for you: often, that isn't being your fittest, finest self.

But through positive repetition these recordings motivate your BEST WORKOUT EVER and aid muscular growth and repair with the healing frequencies (proven by science to boost testosterone and create physically beneficial environments for optimum health).

Muscle growth frequencies + binaural beats + affirmations = physical transformation!

These recordings are so helpful because in our daily life the subconscious mind is in control of up to 97% of our behaviour!! That includes our workout behaviours—how we've become used to training in the gym. Listening to 'My Workout B.A.M.' is a proven way to bring NEW LIFE to your workout—and your body!

Muscle growth technologies

The amazing benefits of these audio coachings is that they include all these technologies in one: the binaural beats, brain wave frequencies, healing frequencies and positive affirmations. These combine together to supercharge muscle growth and fat loss and laser focus the mind on total presence in the gym.

Break through to your NEXT LEVEL WORKOUT!

Positive affirmations work on our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between ‘imagined’ or fictional reality and ‘actual’ reality. By repetition, and concentrating our feelings on the affirmation, the subconscious mind adopts new empowering thoughts and beliefs as fact.

Bonus subliminal version and more...

This SPECIAL introductory offer includes 2 X 60 minute bonus recordings of a 'mix-tape' version which includes all 3 individual muscle growth and repair frequencies, one after the other, AND a subliminal version—with the affirmations at a low level only the subconscious mind perceives—as well.

Why are these coaching recordings so special?

What we focus on expands, right?

These recordings empower your positive self-talk and self-image, expanding your ability to train with more focus, energy and single-mindedness than ever before.

They are made up of 3 distinct sections which you can play separately or listen to as part of the 60 minute version—ideal for pressing play (and forgetting) while you workout.

The tempo rises with each section, and the binaural beats are chosen for the specific benefits they provide as your workout progresses.


285 Hz = Physical Growth/Healing


(285Hz + 323Hz = 38Hz binaural beat)

BPM: 120


417 Hz = Creative Power

GAMMA BRAIN WAVES for peak performance

(417Hz + 471Hz = 54Hz binaural beat)

BPM: 140


528 Hz = Empowerment/Confidence

GAMMA BRAIN WAVES for peak performance

(528Hz + 597Hz = 69Hz binaural beat)

BPM: 160


285Hz (Root Chakra), 417 Hz (Sacral Chakra) and 528Hz (Solar Plexus; also proven to boost testosterone!)


Beta and Gamma wave binaural beats enhance mind's ability to adopt new empowering beliefs


My Workout B.A.M. PROGRAM = listen to your chosen recording when you workout (then repeat!)